Damn you, Damnation

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Roughly around the same time that I started this blog, I also started doing something similar with all the books I’ve accrued, which – while not comparable to the size of my games backlog – is pretty large. I didn’t think a book blog focusing on reading through my book backlog would go over as well – maybe I’m wrong – but that’s not the point.  Since the beginning of August, I’ve been moving at a pretty good clip, finishing three games and two books.  However, funny enough, I’ve hit the same stumbling block on both:

I have stalled out on a work.  In the case of books, The Plague by Albert Camus.  Games, for anyone who reads this here blog, it’s obviously Damnation.

I don’t have a strict set of rules for reading these books – as I do with games – but I’ve still been struggling through The Plague.  It’s not a bad novel by any means, I’ve enjoyed a lot of it, but it’s also very subtle, and dry, and philosophical – not the kind of book that hooks you.  As a result, I’ve been slowly making my way through.  I’m almost finished, so I’m not going to quit out – but it is frustrating to know that I could have finished another 3 or so books if I had just buckled down and forced myself through it – but I can’t, I can’t focus and force myself to read it in anything but small spurts.

Damnation is not subtle, dry, or philosophical.  It’s fucking miserable, an awful game.  I tried to find a way to jazz it up for myself, playing without killing anyone – coming up with elaborate window dressing – but none of that stuff feels right.  A no violence play-through might be interesting in a better game, but it’s not working here, in my opinion.  It’s also hard to muster the enthusiasm to write another post – to pick through video clips, and throw out jokes, etc – when I am not enjoying my time with the game.

So, as a result, I’m calling it. Damnation can go pound sand.  I wanted to follow my rules, but the game is keeping me from moving on, and I think it’s pretty clear now that I really only need a 2 hour rule.  That’s enough time to give a game a chance.  At this point I’ve given Damnation 4 chances worth of time – and all its given me in return is half-naked Indian women and the chance to write poorly in the style of Cormac McCarthy.  Let’s close the doors and get going on the next one.

If you enjoyed the posts on Damnation, and want to see more of that non-violence run, let me know in the comments and I’ll circle back around to it a later date.  I doubt anyone was, but on the off-chance, thought I’d throw it out there.

I’ll be starting Game Five – Earthbound Halloween Hack tomorrow – and can promise that I’ll have something up by the end of the day.  Thanks for everyone who has been reading!

2 thoughts on “Damn you, Damnation

  1. Krikket

    I think that when I do the game completion project next year, I will be grateful that I did the game-a-day project this year, which will hopefully leave me with enough games I’m really excited about that it won’t really feel like a chore. However, if nothing else, you’ve saved me from adding a stinker to my backlog, so I’m grateful.

    1. TheBackBlog Post author

      Yeah, you should have a good stock of games you’re interested in by that point! And also, never touch Damnation – we have a lot of the same bundle games from what I’ve seen, so you might have picked it up – stay awayyyy


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